How does the process work?
We have designed the process to be as simple as possible and will guide you every step of the way. Depending on which state you are in, the process may vary, but typically we use a title company or an attorney to prepare the legal documents to transfer ownership. We never ask you for any money, and let the licensed professionals handle escrow deposits as well as disbursements.
I received a letter from you but would like more money. Can I get a higher amount?
It’s human nature to want the most you can get when selling, and we understand that. We base our offers on multiple criteria, including comparable sales, assessed value, market forecasts,and other circumstances. We would be happy to discuss your valuation with you so you can be sure your getting the best deal.
Are you guys for real?
YES! We have over a 90% success rate once we have an agreed price and contract in place. It all starts with an agreed price and a contract. Once we have that, we get started immediately with any evaluations we need to clear any obstacles that would prevent us from purchasing the home. If you have a survey, HOA documents, or any other relevant documents, please submit that along with your contract. It will speed up the process.
How will I be paid?
That’s up to you. Once we get approach the closing date, the title company or attorney’s office will contact you with further information. You will provide them with how you wish to be compensated. Most people choose a cashiers check or bank wire.
My property has issues. Will you still buy it?
We ask that if you are aware of any issues with your property, that we discuss it together up front. It may not be a deal breaker. We buy properties with wetlands, back taxes, joint ownership, corporate ownership, probate issues, tax deeds, easements, etc. We would like to know up front about these things before we begin. It’s important both parties operate with transparency.
Why do you want my property?
We buy homes as investments. Sometimes we buy and hold, other time we make repairs and try to find a new owner. Each property is independently evaluated.
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